Positive pants.

In times of darkness, we are often reminded of an inner strength that we hold inside. Not often at our disposal when plain sailing through the motions, yet when we need it, like a gas mask which drops from the ceiling of an aircraft, it appears. Largely because difficulty removes choice. There is no choice [...]

You only live once…

The rather irritating and over used phrase 'YOLO' has never felt more formidable. A force to be reckoned with, a mantra to live by and a fuel on the fire of this often mundane and logic stricken life. Within the most stringent of times, there is freedom to be found in this silly little acronym. [...]


The Universe has spoken. Weary under the pressure, creaking at the seams, we have been sent to our rooms to think about what we have done. For decades, scientists have been warning about the devastating effect that mankind's evolution is having on our natural world. In 1965, Lindon Johnson declared in a speech that 'this [...]


A simple description of being 20-something could be divided into two categories. There are those that are using their 20's as a trial run, no pressure, no expectation, no commitment or responsibility. They are taking full advantage of the excuse that 'they are only young' still learning, still growing, making mistakes left right and centre [...]


It's taken me a long time to get to the stage where I can look in the mirror and not be bombarded with intrusive thoughts of self-hatred. Perhaps not always hatred, but critique or a desire for things to be different. Years of my life have been spent tending to my insecurities, helping them to [...]