Daydream believer.

From the window, I can see the year above doing athletics on the field. My eyes hungrily scour the polo shirts and skinny legs. I spot him. I watch as he lines up against the bright white line in the grass, ready to run 800 maybe 1500 metres. I sit back, eyes still pointed out [...]


I'm on a bit of a mission. Or perhaps it's more of an expedition. I'm desperate to discover the source of my recent, and let's face it constant inability to follow through after any sort of sexual encounter. I've got a few stories to tell, so settle down. Grab a hot drink and listen in. [...]

Feminism and the villa.

I refuse to be ashamed of my adoration and fascination with Love Island. Call it what you want. Trash TV. A personification of the toxicity of Instagram. Hot people doing nothing for 8 weeks. Perhaps it is all of the above... ...But, at it's best, Love Island is a representation of the relationship dynamics that [...]