‘Real Women’

I had to catch myself the other day when I commended a brand on their aesthetic by saying: ‘I like that they are using real women’. I mean what does that even mean? It’s such a flawed way to describe inclusivity in advertising, because it alludes to the fact that ‘thin’ is not real. That [...]

Homie Hotline.

I now run a sort of hotline. Only a select few have the number and although it is open 24/7, I am not always inundated with problems and quandaries. Some get in contact more than others. Some call with small problems and daily decisions, others hold off until they have a spanner to throw in [...]


A simple description of being 20-something could be divided into two categories. There are those that are using their 20's as a trial run, no pressure, no expectation, no commitment or responsibility. They are taking full advantage of the excuse that 'they are only young' still learning, still growing, making mistakes left right and centre [...]


If like me you're single, with the thought process that it's far too cold outside to mingle, then you may be noticing a distinct lack of sex. You could even be in a relationship, with a powerful lack of interest in your partner, the side effect to which could be: a distinct lack of sex. [...]


"It's not you, it's me". There's no reply. I reflect for a second, on our relationship, on the time that we've spent together. Every day. Every hour of every day, even when I'm sleeping, never more than a stretch away. I panic when we're apart. Like a limb is missing. It makes me feel vulnerable, [...]

Birthday resolutions.

A year seems like a long time. If you were to plan something for next year, it would feel like a long time to wait. However, the idea that a year has passed since I sat down to write my intentions for my 22nd year on Mother Earth seems ludicrous. It feels like yesterday, the [...]