The topic of contraception tends to make me overtly feminist. Not sure how it's possible to be overtly pro-equality but I am, especially in this case. The amount of contraception that is available for women in comparison to men makes me agitated. It makes sense to me, in my logic, that the penetrator should take [...]

Solo Travelling.

The first time I travelled alone was reactional. After months of auditioning for drama schools, I was hit with a subsequent flurry of rejection letters. On top of this, my boyfriend at the time had decided that he didn't actually love me anymore, and telling me over the phone would be the best way to [...]

Focusing your attention…

Being mindful, patient and completely aware of how one is reacting and conducting oneself on a day to day basis is exhausting, As we all know, nothing worth having ever comes easy. Recently, in order to counter act my negative thoughts and manage the things that make me feel incapable of reaching this state of [...]

Under Pressure.

Pretty nerve racking isn't it? The unknown. Peering over the edge of the cliff before you jump into the ocean. It's fine once you land, and you always will, the water isn't going anywhere. The worst thing that's going to happen, is you lose your cozzie on the way down. It's just that moment before [...]