I study History and Journalism at University. Apparently Brexit is extremely relevant to both. I do not know much about Brexit. I smile and nod. I use buzz words like 'referendum' and 'nightmare.' I assume that nobody actually knows what's going on. They think they do, they know the bones of it, but they don't [...]

Acceptance: Part 2.

My default position when talking about acceptance of the self, is to talk about my relationship with the ‘man in the mirror.’ Perhaps it’s because I’m vain. More likely though, it’s because of the emphasis that has been put on image throughout my life. Instagram, drama school, changing room mirrors, unrequited love; it all seemed [...]

Acceptance: Part 1.

I cried on the beach today. It felt like the rain that catches you off guard on a sunny day. It came without warning and I didn't have an umbrella. In my bikini, as one often is at the beach, I wanted a picture to represent how I felt on the inside, to accompany a [...]