*SPOILER ALERT* If you have not watched this series (1&2) I will spoil everything. I've just finished watching the series 'YOU' on Netflix, and it's left me feeling a little unsettled. Surprisingly, not because of the various limbs that get minced by a meat grinder, or the endless women who get their throats slashed or [...]

Love without forgiveness.

I want to talk about love. There is a tendancy, in our awakened, liberated, self-loving society, to remove forgiveness from loving. This is not to say that advances in dismissing love which does more harm than good is not an incredible sign of progression. People realising that they deserve the cake not just the crumbs, [...]

January the first.

Well, where do I start? My aim for this year was to put an end to the long and tiresome tradition of getting so shit faced on New Year's Eve that I am unable to begin a new year filled with positivity and promise. Instead, I lie in bed, or on the sofa, feeling sorry [...]

Are we all a bit gay?

I have been feeling an intense sense of female admiration recently and I have a hunch that it’s not just me. That something about the ebbs and flows of the female experience in our society has brought us to this moment. A moment in which the feminine is magnetic. For millennia, male sexuality has been [...]