I know, I know. Banging on about loving myself again. This time I’m literally banging on, so get your headphones in or your speaker connected and sit back. Enjoy.

Self Love – A predicament.  

It is a predicament. Difficult and unpleasant. Confronting the things about yourself that you have ridiculed for years. The parts of yourself that you have ignored, neglected and hung out to dry.

It’s interesting to ask why. What triggered the isolation, the dislike, the constant torment? For merely existing. For daring to be a part of your make up. A clog in the machine of your body. With far more purpose than aesthetic will account for. A nose, for example. Too big? A lump in the middle of it? Too small? But can you smell? Can you lie in bed on a Sunday morning and smell breakfast cooking without leaving your room? Can you extract dust and unwanted particles with just one sneeze? Far more than just aesthetic.

Far more than what a camera can show. What likes on a picture mean for self esteem. If someone else were to say to you, what you say to yourself, would you be friends with them? Would you ask their opinion and spend your time around them? Perhaps not.

Perhaps it’s better, more beneficial to praise. To lift up, not bring down. To take a look at all of those parts of yourself, all of those clogs and see the good. See the benefits of having them as a part of you. YOU. Nobody else.

See then how you might grow, strive and profit. Cash in on the value of loving yourself. Before anyone else tells you why you should, you already know. When somebody tells you why you shouldn’t, you know that it’s not true. It’s not true that a singular part of you can be inadequate, as without it you’d be missing a part. That corner piece to the puzzle that you have spent ours putting together. Although in this case it’s not hours, it’s years. An accumulation of memories, experiences and life times.

Confront the parts of yourself that you have ignored and loathed. Confront them and accept them. Open your arms and bring them in. The more love you give to them, the more beautiful they will become.

Self-love – A breakthrough.


A little helping hand.





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