Nothing beats a girls holiday.

A time for culture, wild behaviour and copious amounts of food and drink…

Last year, five of us decided to make it a tradition that we would go on holiday once a year just before Christmas. Last year was Amsterdam and this year we went to Budapest.

The group consists of two groups of sisters and me. Emily and Rachael you already know,  largely for stories where we get in trouble, dance on tables or talk about all the reasons why we don’t want a relationship. I need to clarify that Emily is in fact in a relationship but a very rare one in which trust is absolute and they remain as two individual people and a unit all at the same time. Then there’s Alice and Emily (I know, very confusing, we’ve suggested multiple times that one of them changes their names but they haven’t yet obliged.) Al is a PE teacher, who loves the gym and is so quick witted that I spend most of my time trying to catch up with her. Emily was the year above us at school and she is one of those people that everyone knows and loves. She’s a bit like Christmas.

The best thing about us as a group, is that we don’t stop laughing. I can’t explain to you how funny I find these girls. We bounce off each other like a polished comedy act. Okay, maybe not polished. Within half an hour of us being in the car on the way to the airport, my stomach hurt from laughing. By the end of the trip I felt like I had done 1000 sit-ups, sadly ineffective due to all of the carbs that we consumed. We endlessly take the piss out of each other, ourselves and other people. I’m pretty sure if you were a fly on the wall in our little apartment you would have no idea what we were talking about or where we were from (we love an accent).

We visited markets, we ate goulash, we climbed to the top of the castle, we danced like idiots in a ruin bar, we hopped on the tram without a ticket, we spilt beer over each other, we lay in a pile playing with each others hair and we drank far too much mulled wine.

But amongst all of this, the ‘banter’, the bread and the Christmas markets our dynamic is seamless. Rachael is in charge of the “litty clitty committee” (the kitty for booze and taki taki’s) and researches the places that we need to go. Al provides endless entertainment and keeps everyone laughing, leaving us with no more than a 10 minute break. Emily Shea tends to give incredibly useful information, after we need it most and is so easy breezy that she is a perfect middle man. Em holds the lip balm and won’t let anyone leave a table without finishing their drink. And I do the maps (often getting it very wrong) and provide material for everyone elses jokes with my questionable behaviour.

I want it to last forever. The fact that we’re all so care free with no strings attached. The fact that we can pick up, leave and go away for three days of drinking, eating and shopping. The fact that we all get on so well. And the fact that we are always honest and open with each other. Friends that you can turn around to and say “you’re annoying me” or “I think you should think twice about that” are so valuable. None of us have to tip toe around each other and I think that is why holidays with these girls is particularly easy. We all end up wanting the same thing at the same time; especially food.

Whilst we were away Alice and Emily’s mum finished Chemotherapy. We sat around a table in a coffee shop and face timed her, all having a little cry and a celebratory hot choc. No one really needed to say anything. I hope that in that moment Al and Em felt supported and we all realised how lucky we were to not only have our families happy and healthy but to have each other. To  have both good times like an all you can eat and drink hungarian buffet, but bad times too. Because that’s what friends are for. They take the piss out of you, tell you to down your Jager bomb and stop being a pussy, and in the same breath, they stroke your hair and tell you that it’s all going to be ok.

I am thankful not only for experiences like this, but for the friends that I have to experience them with.

Our new motto…

“I’ll get it for you, I was going anyway. “

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