Okay, so I’m writing a blog….

Because everyone else is doing it

Because I chat so much shit and actually sometimes it isn’t shit so I should probably start writing it down.

Because I’m guilty of saying I’m going to do something and never doing it (unless its something easy like eating a whole tub of hummus or spending over £50 on clothes)

Because I’d quite like to be an Actor, Presenter, Broadcaster, Change the  Worlder and you know, you have to start somewhere!

Because it’s a good creative outlet?

Because sometimes I give great advice to friends and should share that with a wider audience (I know that only my friends read this but let’s please pretend I have a ‘wider audience’)

Because I need something to do on the tube (this is a silly one, because most of the time you’re standing up, trying to take your coat off because it was cold outside but now you’re dripping with sweat, and people hate it when you take up space with your inanimate objects i.e book, suitcase, LAPTOP)

That’s about it really for reasons as to why I want to write this blog. The long and short of it is that I just want to. And although it’s scary, largely because I over share and have no filter whatsoever, sometimes you need to do things that scare you in order to get the best results.

I thought for my first blog post, I should write a kind of code for reading things written by me. As I’ve already said I’m assuming that most of the people that read this will know me. But, think big, if you don’t know me, here’s a little insight into my mind and life before you venture on a journey of discovery with me.

  • I will be brutally honest at all times. I won’t leave details out of stories because they’re crude or personal (those are often the best bits). So, be prepared to know a lot about me, and know that I’m doing it so that you may be able to relate to the reality of certain situations that I find myself in. Also, perhaps if you’re my Dad or a close family member, for example, read the title and assess whether you need to know the ins and outs of my sex life. Also, I won’t leave anyone out of a story. I’d probably stop reading now if you’re an ex-boyfriend and you don’t want to read about yourself. (I won’t mention names without your permission, promise x)
  • When I put things in brackets (it often comes as a side thought when I’ve read back the piece) often it’s me explaining the bullshit that I’ve just written or delving deeper into the bullshit, or trying to make a funny.
  • I don’t have siblings but I have this one friend Faye, who is what I can only imagine is exactly like what having a sister would be. I think it’s important to highlight this because I’ll speak about her a lot and when I do, saying that she’s my friend or even best friend doesn’t really do our relationship justice. I was also blessed in the fact that I got two for the price of one. I have also stolen Faye’s older sister, Lucinda, as my own and I think I slot in quite nicely as the middle child in our blood brother trio.
  • When it comes to being politically correct I will try my best to be aware and inclusive at all times, but for the purpose of this blog I am recalling my own personal experiences and this may at times be narrow. I’m becoming more and more aware of this as I form my voice when it comes to writing. This process is for learning and growing, so please bear with me. x
  • I may get sweary, and I’m not going to apologise for that because when used in the right way, a curse word can be fucking effective. (see what I did there)

Last but not least, if you are reading and coming on this journey with me, I would love to hear from you. Please DM me, leave comments about similar experiences that you have been in or content that I should be writing about. One thing I really believe in is creating a tribe of people. People that will help you to the top and in return you’ll help them too. We’re stronger together so let’s build an army, share, uplift and never bring another bitch down.

I’m so excited to get writing, I have so many ideas and blogposts just raring to go. Hold on tight, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. x

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