Break-ups are horrible; a type of grief that has no timeline or quick remedy. There are peaks and troughs, and it feels as though you are driving to a destination void of a sat nav or a sense of direction. We are, as I'm sure you well know, living through a global pandemic, which inevitably [...]

Transitional Space.

It is a transitional space. A space that divides two places in which you feel safe, settled and on track. It's hard to feel settled in the transitional space; no soft furnishings, nowhere to rest on your laurels. The safe space that I left was Education. It was not safe for it's ease or the [...]


100 blogs. 100 Wednesdays spent tapping on the keys of my old HP. 100 nerve induced waves of panic as my writing is sent off into the world wide web. I convince myself that only my Mother reads, a few friends occasionally, but then I'm at a bar in my home town and someone says [...]

Feng shui

I've moved into a new flat. Finished university, said good-bye to the comfort of my childhood home and moved to character-less Fulham - where people don't walk, they run and clothes consist only of lycra or floral print. Characterless is cruel, it does have character, just one far removed from Deptford market, Peckham high street [...]